About Mo

Howdy, Morgan here. 

I am a girl with the interests of a 70 year old lady: cooking, tea, The Golden Girls, and floral print. I even have a purse that looks like I made it with couch material from the 50's. But theres something that doesn't attribute to my grandma-like personality: my humor level is that of an awkward teenage boy (did you know that another word for "awkward teenage boy" is a hobbledehoy?). It's a strange mix. Add my background of a love for medical jargon and stories, a lot of embarrassing moments, my hilarious boyfriend, a dad who once believed he should be a comedian, and my little family's crazy stories....let's just say I have a hard time making conversation all the time at parties. 

I came to college seeking degrees in biology and animal science in order to obtain my goal of becoming a Vet. Once I was immersed in the program, I fell hard. I hated every aspect of my major and the path I was seemingly forced on. Someone told me, "If you become a vet, there is no chance you're going to be able to have a family even five years after you graduate." Now, maybe that's not true. But I went in to full blown panic. At the top of my life goals list, number one is to have a loving family. To think for one second I might not be able to choose when to start that family blew me away. I started wanting a more reliable job that would give me the ability to have that 9-5 schedule, holidays, and vacations. Knowing that I would never have that security on the doctor's side the medical field, I switched to business. At first I thought I wanted to go into finance (i.e. be a stock broker or manage portfolios). I requested to be put into the finance concentration, but the school made a mistake. They put me in accounting

I scowled when I saw what had happened. I laughed at the idea of me sitting at a desk crunching numbers all day. Because I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, I figured there was something to this mistake. I took it upon myself to visit a local accounting firm. We sat around the meeting room table, peered into cabinets that held booze (haha!) and gazed up at the two young, fun ladies that worked there. Well, I thought to myself, Maybe this is the career for me after all. And then the most interesting thing happened: I got to see my first audit. Like love at first sight, I knew auditing was the one! No, no, I won't be like those IRS pigs people (no offense) that audit people during christmas and take away all of their money. I will be someone who goes around to companies and checks over all of their documented spendings to make sure there is no embezzling or that they aren't stealing from their customers. 

Let me tell you, I've never been so passionate in my life. Well, except with love for those dear to my heart, but in the aspect of a job. I can't tell you how nice it is to figure out the rest of your life at such a young age. Now who knows, I could change my mind a few years down the line. Which is why I've decided to double major in business accounting and business management. I plan on getting a master's in accounting in order to take the CPA exam right after five years of college. If all else fails, I'm going to culinary school. 
X marks a 19 year old's hands at the Sundance, a western dancin' joint. 

This is my best friend boyfriend.

Little brother