Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Comfortable Core

When I hear the word core, I think of an apple core. How we keep biting in to a luscious apple only to reach the center, its inner support that takes forever to get to, but when you do you're satisfied that you've finished an entire apple. Or you're pissed and you grab another apple. I'm slowly getting the mindset of eating an apple. I keep wanting to make choices/ bite a bit of the apple off that would cause me to get to my optimal weight.

So this morning I went off to yoga class, thinking I would read on the stair machine afterwards. Little did I know that my yoga class would be taught by the yoga equivalent of Jillian Michaels. I have to admit, in the middle of forward pose-something or other-downdog-updog-giving-birth pose plus push ups and sit ups and triceps reverse push ups, squats, planks, and sumo wrestler moves, *takes a big breath*.... I felt like I was going to puke.

I'm pretty sure I did more squats today than what my boyfriend used to in football class (sans the weights).

For Lunch, I had two hearty bowls of minestrone soup + an extremely thin slice of freshly made whole grain bread. Mmmm-mm! I put Siracha in my soup and it gave it the perfect flavor.

A few tidbits: 

Yesterday, I made my first ever caramel macchiato by myself! It was extremely delicious, seeing as I'm not normally a hot coffee fan. I used 1 tsp of caramel Torani syrup + 1/2 cup of organic vanilla soy milk + 2 shots of espresso. While the espresso was brewing, I added the tsp of caramel syrup and kept swishing the cup around, so that the espresso would instantly blend with the syrup. Afterwards, I let it sit for about a minute while I frothed 1/2 a cup of vanilla soy milk from a fresh thing of shelf stable vanilla soy milk. This way, it heated up correctly and within 30 seconds. I pored it into my espresso and created an eyeball rolling drink for almost 200 calories. 

Last night my kindle was mysteriously hiding behind my pillow. How creepy! Has this ever happened to you, kindle owners? I'm beginning to think my kindle is going to develop the power to take on the life form of one of the characters embedded within its memory.

Yesterday, I was admiring the lampshade I made prior to coming up to school. While I don't necessarily like the girly girl feel that it has to it...I'm pretty much insanely proud that I managed to make a lampshade for under $10! 

I'm reading this book called Left Neglect by Lisa Genova. It's going on my list of favorite books. It's about a lady who loses the ability to see the left side of everything. It's the same author as my favorite book, Still Alice. I wish I had a book club. All I have is a gruesome world literature class with thirty people I don't know. For any of you readers out there, please leave comments with book suggestions or recipe suggestions on any post you desire!

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