Sunday, January 08, 2012

Citrus & Spice...and Everything Nice!

Let's face it: we've all been there at some point. When we keep relapsing into old dietary habits only to get mad at oneself at the sight of greasy fingertips. I should incarcerate myself for my nutritional deviations. I guess I have to admit it: I ate a handful of Hot N' Spicy Cheez-Its this morning. Prior to the offending act, I had half a small bowl of peach activia with granola. Seeing as I didn't want to have any dairy today, I was already mad at myself. Making matters worse, I ruined my detox with those spicy delectables. So I did the only thing any seemingly sane person would do...

Start cooking MORE dishes.

I baked pumpkin steel oats and then started a pot of day-long simmering spicy vegetable soup. This is a hidden treasure for dieting that I forgot about. My only challenge will be trying NOT to add sour cream and cheese. Good thing it's been banished from my fridge.

I'm not having any dairy the rest of this week. I just read a swaying Vegan's blog that had a whopping TEN facts on why dairy isn't good for you. Her #1 reason was something like think about're drinking milk from a gross, lactating cow. Would you really drink from your lactating dog or cat?

No! I wouldn't. But then again I LOVE cheese. Goat cheese. Feta Cheese. Extra Sharp Cheddar.....See I even capitalize cheese in my vocabulary because I love it so much.

As for the citrus in my pot of detox, I have been having hot lemon tea every morning as per the instructions of Whole Living. I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It's smooth, clear, and shiny(from being so clean, not from oil)!

I forgot to take a food porn picture for you today, so I'll just show you my kitty!

This is Anakin. Despite his reluctance to take a picture, he's extra soft and cuddly today! Isn't that nice?

P.s. Sorry for the eye bags. I didn't sleep last night because my boyfriend's family and I told ghost stories for hours upon end. The worst part was they were mostly from experiences that we've all had. Either we are a bunch of nuts, or we just happen to live in semi-haunted houses.

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