Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I'm slacking and my cat's crapping

Alright (0) followers (though this is a pity, I do have hope that I will eventually get one person that finds me the least bit interesting), I have failed to follow my new years resolution to "eat healthy." Well, I haven't been that bad. I spent the last two days with my carnivorous football playing boyfriend whom eats like the grocery stores might run out of food.

I love him though, he's my food critic. Tonight I made "mini" cheese stuffed burgers. I made his list of best burgers he's ever had at a whopping #2. His number one remains a prime burger at Houston's (an exquisite restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona). I can live with this.

Now, before you comment on my lack of picture quality and fresh spinach garnish...remember that I am a broke college student. 

Maybe they don't photograph like Carmen Electra, but they were definitely just as juicy. Filled with sharp cheddar and havarti cheese, they were absolutely mouth watering. Scroll down to find the recipe. 

I'll tell you a little bit more about my night: Will (my boyfriend) and I watched Bad Teacher. Usually he refuses to watch any sort of movie with a chick as the main character, but the guy at Blockbuster insisted it was hilarious. It was a riot, I'd recommend it to anyone with a good sense of crude humor. 

Afterwards we broke out the childhood games and played a round of Battleship. Well, it sort of turned into battleshi.....you know where this is going.  

For all of you cat owners, maybe you have experienced a situation like so. My male kitty, Anakin, never liked Will. He used to take steamy dumps on all surfaces that he detected Will's scent on. After a year and a half of knowing Will, he began to like him. The dumps subsided and only the occasional diarrhea after a catnip trip would show up. Tonight I was blog surfing and thought it was sweet that Annabelle, my girl kitty, jumped up on the couch to hang out with me. With the white computer screen contrasting against the surrounding darkness, I couldn't see much of what she was doing. 

I'm sure you know what's coming.

After about five minutes I began to smell a foul odor enveloping the room. She had taken a shit while sitting next to me. Wow, did I feel like an idiot! My cat has mastered the art of ninja shitting. It was in the exact spot that my boyfriend had resided for the past four hours. With him finally gone, she must have felt like she needed to get my attention. Now that I think about it, we cuddled all day yesterday until Will picked me up for a movie night at his house. This is why I'm a dog person.

Now I know I won't get any readers. I have taken my inability to converse with normal topics to a whole new level....

The Burgers (if you still have an appetite after my story)

1.5lbs of all natural 20% fat ground beef

1/4 of an onion, minced

About 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce

Fresh ground pepper

A pinch of salt 

Garlic powder

**To add some spice, we added a round of chili spices from a Dave's insanity spice set 

A slice of havarti cheese

About a cup of freshly shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese

Roma tomatoes 

Fresh pickles (thinly sliced)

For the amazingly unhealthy but savory buns:

A package of hawaiian sweet dinner roles (if they have the hamburger style ones...get those!) 


Mozzarella cheese 


Mince the onions and add them to the ground beef to your liking. Combine Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, ground pepper, and salt with the ground beef in a bowl. Make sure it is evenly distributed and then begin making burger patties thick enough to make wells in for the cheese. 

Once you have made six bottom patties, place the cheese in the wells. I sliced up the havarti cheese into small squares and layered about two to three squares in each burger. I filled them the rest of the way with the sharp cheddar. Feel free to add any cheese to your liking. These were just the cheeses that I had on hand. 

After you have filled the wells, make thin patties to layer over the top. Press down around the patties and mold the sides into one another until you cannot see a fine difference between top and bottom. 

Before you cook the burgers, prepare the buns. If you were able to get the hamburger buns, lucky you! I could only find the small dinner rolls. For the big burgers that we made, I didn't pull four dinner rolls apart and cut them in half with a bread knife. First you put a slab of mayo on each side and then lay them open-faced on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle a generous amount of mozzarella cheese on top. Put them in the oven on low broil and MAKE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE ON THEM!

Because of my broke college state, my grill has no gas. Thus, we had to cook the burgers in a skillet. They are much worse for you this way because they have no way of draining. Nevertheless, they turned out DELICIOUS! I garnished each burger with diced roma tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. 

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