Monday, January 23, 2012

S-S-So Yummy!

Currently, my three food obsessions all happen to begin with the letter S. 

#1: Salmon. While this fish and I didn't get along when I was younger, I fell in love with it over the summer in California. Not only was it usually the cheapest entree at the many restaurants that my boyfriend's family took me to, it was impossible not to get the amazingly fresh fish every single time. During that time I also fell in love with béarnaise sauce over asparagus. Mmm-mm!
From that amazing Summer of 2011 California Trip
I apologize for my digression. I'm so landlocked and pale that I'm dying to get myself to a sunny, warm place. All I can think about is laying in a raft on the Salt River in AZ or reading a book on the beach.


Every sunday my dining hall ships salmon in from a "fresh" source (I pray not a farm though it probably is) and last night, it was the best I've had yet! They had originally grilled it with lemon-pepper seasoning. In turn, I added a local cayenne pepper hot sauce on top and extra seasoning.

#2: Sweet tea. While I've always been in-touch with my southern self (i.e. my beloved cowboy boots, die-hard football fan, southern comfort food, country music, an obsession with Chevy Silverados and cowgirl hats), I have never really been that big of a fan of sweet tea.

Until I discovered that sweet tea was just that....sweet tea. Suddenly I realized I didn't have to stand for the insane amounts of sugar that Cane's or McDonalds put in their sweet tea. So I started my age old favorite: A palm of sugar and a dab of lemon juice. Me and my sweet tea have a friend....his name is Arnold Palmer. :)

#3: Siracha! This fiery goodness and I have been long lost lovers my whole life! I used to stare at this in my fridge when I was younger, bewildered by its presentation. Why in god's name does hot sauce have a rooster on it? Convinced that it contained remnants of a rooster's gobbly-gook, I wrote Siracha off like a girl spewing snide comments.

But we all know that first impressions are generally wrong. After hearing everyone rave about Siracha, I attempted to put it in my soup. Boy, did I fall in love. Soup. Salad. Salmon. Stir-frys. Today I went Siracha-crazy and added it to my mongolian stir fry.
I had broccoli, baby corn, tofu, water chestnuts,  and miracle "zero-calorie" noodles for lunch today. 

 Well, off to figure out the best recipe for a Black & White cake! Have a great day y'all! 

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