Sunday, January 29, 2012

Literary Leech

I can't stop reading.

In the past week I've read/finished:
-Left Neglect by Lisa Genova
-Rancine's Phaedra
-Monkey by Wu Cheng-en
-The Hunger Games by the well known Suzanne Collins
-Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan
-Sor Juana's Reply to Sor Filotea 

Left Neglect, as I have said, is such a touching story. Lisa Genova spends years preparing for her novels. Her next one is going to be about a family connected by an autistic child. I can't wait to read that heartwarming tale.

I can't believe it took me a year on my kindle to start reading The Hunger Games! Did anybody else feel like they were watching a movie? I certainly did. In fact, that will be the first book we read at the book club I just started.

That's right! I've taken my love of reading to a whole knew level. I was sick of not having anyone here in Colorado to discuss my latest findings with. I think there are about ten girls that will be attending, and hopefully I will help us 11 girls find a wonderful new group of friends.

When I picture our meeting, I imagine us knitting quilts and sipping tea. I feel so old fashioned.

Commencement was rather interesting. Pinterest sparked my interest for this book, as it was on many of my peer's boards. But let me tell you...

I was certainly out of my comfort zone on this book due to a few sex scenes and strange references, but never the less you get to love the characters like they are your own friends. Despite the uncomfortable-ness, I finished the book in two nights' reading.

The others I had to read for my literature class. Monkey was an excerpt from Wu Cheng-en's The Journey to the West. It's a tale of a buddhist monk that has a "stone" monkey lead him on his journey to the buddha to gain scriptures. It has characters that stick close to your heart and make you feel like you're reading a grown up rendition of a childhood fable. Phaedra and I on the other hand, didn't get along very well. I'm not a huge fan of Greek Mythology.

Oh shoot! This is a food blog isn't it? Sorry for the lack of food. I'll post my enchiladas recipe up tomorrow eventually :)

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