Thursday, February 09, 2012

Day Four: meh.

Starting Weight: 162
Today's Weight: 155

In three weeks that seems like nothing.

Only a centimeter on the scale.

With this whole vegan kick, I have definitely noticed a change in my brainpower. I notice more. When I'm watching tv...i'll notice a cute bookshelf in the background. I'll be able to recall the actors/actresses' wardrobe a few days later. Amazing what a change of diet can do.

I have a confession: I stopped eating honey, because I felt bad. But without even thinking today I had parmesan cheese. Oopsies! That's strike one. Three strikes and I am making myself do two-a-days for a week.

I have to be honest. I also had ranch *giggles*.

Two strikes :D No more! I promise...

I can't expend any more energy. I have a shin splint and a pulled arm and buttock. Owch.

Goodnight y'all.

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