Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Day Two

Wooo-wee! I'm exhausted. I was only home for an hour in between work, school, and the gym and I delighted myself with half of a drama inclusive episode of teen mom.

Today wasn't a bad day for a vegan! It's getting easier. I saw fried rice on one of my favorite blogs, and decided to grab some veggies and tofu from the dining hall (my lucky day...they had tofu at the salad bar!). I sautéed mushrooms, tofu, broccoli, one slice of a lemon, spinach, red kidney beans, and black beans. I drizzled olive oil on them (also from the salad bar) as well as Mrs. Dash (our seasoning station). I added a tiny bit of flour so that the tofu would get crispier (it worked!). Add soy sauce and Siracha and voila!

It was 3:00p.m. and I had only had a few bites of a clif bar this morning and a 200 calorie soy latte so I thought I was due for anything that I could whip up (and fast!). This was a whopping 659 calories, but worth every bite. 

Post work out tonight I ate vegan bread (from the dining hall...I was surprised they had it) with walnuts and fruit leather on top. My new favorite post-workout food, but next time I'll have the fruit leather on the side.  

Time for yoga and studying for calc! 

Also time for a confession.

I hate to burst your bubble but I had some honey today. 

In my defense, it was from a local farm that gets their honey naturally and keeps their bees "happy"...so they say. I'm sorry, but after seeing the bee movie I'm convinced that honey is ok as long as it comes from a natural bee keeper. 

You are more than welcome to dispel my belief and convince me otherwise. Until then, I will be having honey, lemon, and ginger green tea.  

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