Monday, February 13, 2012

Enlightened Day Eight

Although all of that processed crap was delicious and that cheese was ooey-gooey good, I'm not sad to return to vegan eating.

I'm surprised by myself. I thought I would be devastated to go without milk products (or honey for that matter...I finally stopped cheating with honey).

One of my biggest offenders and hardest to stray from was ranch. Really, there are so many alternatives. Salsa. Guacamole. Rice wine vinegar. Hot sauce (hot sauce has saved me many times when I've gone to reach for ranch). Hummus.

As for bread, it's almost nice to get to enjoy plentiful amounts of food that I wouldn't eat before because I was scared that the bread had taken up my calorie allotment.

I'm feeling good.Bring it on, Monday.

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