Friday, February 17, 2012

Where is this blog going?

I am a big fan of constant change. Sure, I want many things to stay the same: family, level of optimism, summer vacations, and soy lattes. When it comes to where I live, what I busy myself with, the arrangement of my room, and my wardrobe...I'm constantly craving a change.

So here it comes...

This will be my new blog regimen (with a little bit of health food thrown in):

*drumroll please*

Sentimental Saturday
-A relaxing playlist
-A morning work out/yoga session/nature walk
-A little reminiscing from my past

Squeaky-clean Sunday
-A healthy beauty tip

Monday Motivation
-Ways to organize

-Helping you discover GREAT music

Wild Wednesday
-I will commit to doing one crazy & whacky thing each Wednesday, and sharing it with you

Thrifty Thursday
-Ways to save money in college

-Everyone's got to have a little change!

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