Saturday, February 04, 2012

Snowy Latte Kind of Day: For Your Sunday

I felt like today could use a playlist. These are some of my favorite winter songs I've collected over the last few months. The playlist starts off with a little kick of energy (from that coffee that you should go buy right now), and ends with music suitable for a comfy cup of tea and a cozy winter nap. I woke up this morning and saw this beautiful scenery from my 8th floor window(first picture) and then the second picture shows one of the paths on campus:

After a snowy walk outside, my friend informed me that she was sick. I thought this called for some starbucks, even though I have 3 lbs of espresso sitting on my window sill. I noticed that they decided to valentinify their cups. Have they always done this? Where I'm from, you don't get hot coffees in's already too hot! 

After my coffee I got the sudden urge to clean. I started cleaning everything from the ground to my electronics. That was when I found some old journals of mine on this computer that I transferred from my other computers. I haven't changed one bit personality wise since seventh grade! Even then I was obsessed with baking goodies, reading, writing, etc. Well, there was one thing. I used to love llamas with a passion. To the point that I decided to write "llama" on my soccer jersey. Little did I know that "llama" was name in spanish. So in the name slot on my jersey, I basically wrote name. I bet everyone thought it was a misprint. 

Have a beautiful Sunday! 

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