Sunday, March 04, 2012


Croque Monsieur is a French sandwich that was originally served as "fast food." I have to say, they really kick our butts when it comes to fast food. Croquer means "to crunch" and Monsieur means "mister". Croque Monsieur is the most basic and traditional rendition of the sandwich. It's even found in French McDonalds known as the Croque McDo! This original is made with gruyere cheese and ham. Unfortunately, gruyere cheese is extremely expensive here in the states (at least, for a college kid though whole foods has shredded gruyere that runs about  $3.50/tub) so I used mozzarella and cheddar. More American, if anything :p

I don't typically eat lunch meat unless it is high quality and natural, something the dining halls here do NOT cater to, so I decided to veto the ham. I wasn't sure what rendition of the sandwich it was called. I looked it up, but found no answer. I figured fromage would make do, as it means "cheese". Oh boy, did I mean cheese.

Today was my lucky day with bread. The dining hall was serving cheesy garlic loaf and I cut off four hearty slices and stuck them in my togo box. After taking a cup of mixed cheese from the salad bar and a cup of mixed greens with spinach, my mouth started watering.

Ten minutes later, I had my creation. The first bite took me back into the days of sitting at my grandma's counter, snacking on grilled cheese and sipping strawberry soda. It. Was. Delicious. 

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