Sunday, March 04, 2012

New March Favorites

Since being back in Fort Collins, I've only been to one party. I'd much rather dedicate myself to my studies than go out and jeopardize my health. My new idea of a fun Saturday night: reading, writing, and drinking tea. Don't worry. I'm not knitting sweaters for my cats...yet. But I am feeling a late night blog post.

1. Chamomile tea. It's a natural sedative that eases the body by means of mind, muscle, and sleep. Studies have shown that those who drink four cups throughout the day are significantly less anxious, stressed, and get wonderful sleep. Note that studies also show those who do not space out the time of consumption and drank concentrated doses quickly had a side effects of drowsiness. After I finish soaking the tea bags, I always put the hot damp bags under my rids you of those awful dark circles! 

2. Fats. Nuts. Avocados. Whole milk. Creamer. I seem to eat significantly less when I consume more fats than carbs or sugar. Speaking of...I didn't have any sweets today. Yay for adhering to the rules of lent!

4. The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy. I tend to trust Jenna's choice in novels. She recommended my all time favorite: Still Alice and though I do not generally read historical fiction, I reckoned a try was in order since I haven't found a favorite book since. So far, so addictive! 

5. The Temper Trap (specifically the song "Fader"). One of those songs that sound 10x better bouncing off the shower walls. 

6. Veggie sandwiches composed of vegan bread, toffuti, cucumbers, tomatoes, mustard, spinach, and hot sauce! 

7. Yoga. It's no longer a 30 day's a lifestyle! 

8. Hiking. I'm dying to hike here:

Phoenix, Arizona's Camelback Mountain. Only 5 more days until I'm home and conquer this bad boy. I plan to do yoga on top of that rock that the man is standing on. 

9. My old t-shirts. I love worn cotton. In fact, I've slipped on my pi's every moment that I've been home just for an excuse to wear my comfy t's and a pair of slippers. 

10. Disney's Good Luck Charlie. It's such a cute show... and a guilty pleasure that you can't tell anyone about ;) It reminds me of my family. 

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