Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Rarely will I ever bring up religion or politics on this blog, but I must explain the background for today's wednesday adventure commitment.

I have never been extremely religious, but always based my life and morals around the teaching of the bible. My parents never took me to church, but somehow I have come to thank them for that. Why? Simply because their lack thereof led me to wanting more of....

I would go to church with my friend Kaitlyn every once in a while. I specifically remember drinking communion wine with her, nearly choking from the taste, and worrying about all of the misdeeds I had committed that week. Every Sunday I would come home and confess something (usually minuscule like  borrowing someone's pencil and accidentally keeping it) to my parents and beg for their forgiveness. Looking back, I sort of understand why they would roll their eyes. As I got older, I continued the habit of confessing all truths to them. To this day I can't hold in a personal secret due to the enormous guilt that I feel.
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One Ash Wednesday Kaitlyn took me to church and explained the meaning of the holiday to me. You gave up something that made you feel joyous in order to understand (to a very small extent) the pain and suffering of Jesus's sacrifice.

Simple enough? Well, it depends on how dear you hold your item of sacrifice.

I love sugar. Cookies, chocolate, sugary drinks, soda, sugar sprinkled on my cereal, and sweet smoothies is what Mo's fat cells are made of.

Sugar, when consumed in mass amounts like I do, maxes out and starts to store itself directly as fat. That's where the Freshman 15 stems from. Because these new college students are beginning to drink, they don't know how to handle the excess sugar and their bodies convert it to fat.

Maybe I am being a little bit greedy with my sacrifice, knowing that it will benefit me, but I must commit. I will be going back on to the 30 day challenge at day 22 (I failed to do this straight through).

Have an enlightening lent!

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