Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free as a Bird

Have you ever tried to flush a toilet without water? Have you ever seen a river flow without water? A fish live without water?


So how can we deprive our bodies of water? Water is naturally detoxing the body--flushing out all of those nasty chemicals that creep into our digestive tracks. Have you ever seen someone who blatantly drinks more than 64oz of water a day? One of my high school teachers had the most beautiful skin and radiant hair, nails, and eyes. We would wonder what made her so glow...

then we realized her beauty secret was as simple as drinking water. Every. Single. Day.

She'd come to class each morning bearing a giant 2 liter bottle of water. To this day, when I'm dehydrated while I sleep I will literally dream about going to 711 and buying one of those. I distinctly remember a few nights ago pulling change out of my pocket to pay for the giant water bottle, and waking up wondering where it was. Something about the altitude triggers my need for water. Without it I get massive headaches and lose the ability to lose weight. I become weak and my immune system shuts down.

Which brings me to my thrifty thursday tip #1:

Beauty cream, Emergen-c, and medicine are all very expensive. In order to eliminate the need for such items, try boosting your daily intake of water. For every cup of coffee or tea (8oz) you need to add 8oz (or however many oz the coffee was) on to your daily body water bill. Each day you should be drinking 64oz of water. + One 8oz coffee=72 oz. Make the goal, make the change. Guzzle that water! 

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