Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Show Me Good Music!

When I started middle school, I didn't understand the appeal to poppy music with high pitched girly voices. Luckily, I had a best friend that would sit on MySpace with me for hours on end looking for good male voices.

We even used to dress up as hobos and make signs that said "Hitch Hiking to Greenland, Need Cash Now" while my parents would push us around in a cart. That is one of my favorite memories. In our ghetto grocery store, we were grabbing sugary drinks in the soda isle when my dad suddenly came around the corner with a bottle of Jack Daniels. My best friend, my little brother, and I were cracking up because he wasn't wearing any shoes...or socks for that matter. My family isn't normal. But hey, they're the few that I fit in with.

From that night, I vaguely remember listening to the Bloodhound Gang on my old green iPod. Don't worry, that's not my tune of the day.

Simply, I associate music with different parts of my life. When I went on my first date with my boyfriend of almost three years, I will never forget the song that he played during the ride home.

We went hiking on a beautiful orange rocky mountain near ASU. We climbed up to a cave and watched our surroundings carry on with their lives. A lady was doing yoga nearby and she looked extremely peaceful.

So was I, for once.

Happily sitting in the passenger's seat of his Chevy Silverado, I smiled and asked him to play some music. Grinning, he picked a song I had been asking about.

It was called Show Me by Mint Royale. 

It's the perfect mix of upbeat, quirky, and something you don't hear every day. It's been a song that has cheered up my day any time I need a pick me up. Better than any cup of coffee could do.

Preview it on iTunes. I love it!

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