Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beer-utiful Locks

Let's face it: we're college students. Admit to at least having a sip of beer. Personally, I'm a pain when it comes to beer. I refuse to drink cheap beer and opt for the imported (or domestic, considering I'm in a town where the breweries are the main employers of the town) lagers.

Lager is extremely good for your hair because once you wash it out, it leaves the proteins behind that coat your hair and give it a nice and shiny look with extra bounce.

What I used: A Belgian beer, Stella Artois, About $12/12 pack here in Colorado. I had one leftover that had sat out all night and decided to try this new hair tactic.

What I did: Drenched my (dry) hair in a full warm bottle that had lost its carbonation. Let it sit in a bun (dripping wet) for 30 minutes. Rinsed and washed hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Did it work?
I blow dried as usual and it wasn't as tangled as normal. When I was finished, there was a noticeable difference in volume. I wish I had kept it natural to see just what it could have done without the blow dry. The next day (today) I noticed an increase in shine after my steaming hot shower that normally leaves my hair dry and brittle. It worked! 

Next time you're cleaning up from a party and notice someone brought in some grade A beer, sneak off and soak your hair in the beer for thirty minutes to impress the guests that you nudge awake moments later.

Happy Sunday!

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