Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mayhem

Like any normal human being, I have an aversion to Mondays. I casually bribe myself with a latte, pack a pair of sweatpants to change in to immediately after work, and promise myself a two hour nap the moment I get home.

Naturally, the time I allot for a nap is when the caffeine from the latte kicks in. Knowing I have two hours of time meant for a re-charge, I generally feel stuck.

What to do with those two hours? Sometimes I just lie in bed and watch the newest episodes added to my Hulu queue. Other times I practice clicking on Facebook profiles and pin the latest clothing to my pinterest boards.

Lately I've come to realize that although my social networking sites are extremely well organized....

my surroundings are not. 

Which led my to believe that I needed to start organizing one thing each and every Monday during my down time. First were the sock drawers, then the separation of winter and summer clothes, the occasional rearranging my clutter drawer, and a few alphabetizing sprees. 

After several Mondays passed by, I finally got a job. They asked for my personal documents and I turned my room upside down searching for my SS# card and my birth certificate. Where in god's name did I put them? I would scratch my head, shuffle through a myriad of unknown papers, and repeat the shuffle 7-10 times. 

Oh yeah. I left them back home, 900 miles away. Wow, did I feel blonde. 

In order to make sure I always knew where my documents resided, I started a dorm friendly filing system.

Bin big enough to store folders & binders in: $10 at TJ Maxx
Supplies: $5, for about 10 different folders of various categories, $5 for files, $1 for a pack of labels
What I did: Laid my contents of my messy "paper bin" all over my floor and started to divide them into piles such as important documents, fall semester classes, spring semester classes, coupons, receipts, warranties, keepsakes, and misc.
The end result: Fabulous! Extremely easy to access and I know exactly where every last loose leaf needs to go. I corresponded the files I had on hand with my "documents" folder on my laptop.

File folder kept at my desk for documents that need immediate action. 

Easy storage bin that resides on the bottom shelf of my desk. 
In honor of Monday, I changed into my cupcake pajamas the second I got home.

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