Saturday, February 25, 2012


This playlist eases my most intense headaches. Trevor Hall's voice is like a lullaby,  Bon Iver is so talented, Nico Stai's voice makes me smile, and all of the others equally excite me.

Rather than a nature walk this morning, I went out with my three girlfriends I'm living with next year to look at an apartment. I am not sure if I'm extremely excited, or my stomach is acting up because of my financial worry. I have a feeling this blog is soon to become 100 ways to make Ramen useful. 

Last night I went to the SOJA concert. A band called Dubskin opened for them, and let me tell you....the lead singer's voice was AMAZING. Just the perfect mix of new and old reggae. He was also extremely funny on stage so I kept laughing and before one of the songs he pointed at me and winked!!! I don't think the girls believed me when I told them that this morning afternoon, but I'm as sure as the sky is blue that it happened. I was encompassed with bewilderment that out of thousands of people I was noticed (ok, I was literally touching the stage). The only thing that would have made that concert better would have been dancing with my boyfriend instead of myself for six hours

Have a great Saturday! 

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