Saturday, March 03, 2012

On Relationships & Chick Flicks

Girls, guys don't want to watch chick flicks. They're guys. Unless the movie is about a flesh eating zombiefying disease, good luck getting them in that theatre. I will never understand why girls break up with guys because they won't partake in "similar interest activities" when these activities include pedicures, sappy romantic movies meant to be seen only with another biologically ticking woman, or window shopping. [Disclaimer: I am being sarcastic. I know that girls have many other interests, but for the sake of the conversation that I am hearing behind me at the coffee shop, I decided to write this post.]

While I don't think you should ever drag your man to an activity he's not willing to do, once in a while a "chick flick" is something you are just dying to do with that special significant other.

How to lure him into that tear jerker: 

1. Bribe him. Hey handsome, would you like to see The Vow if I make you your favorite meal complete with dessert and a coupon that says "I'll do anything for you. Just fill in the blanks" Warning: The coupon could backfire, he might say, "Don't take me to this movie." But be prepared to offer any favor.
2. Sacrifice another event he doesn't want to do. Hey stud muffin, would you like to go see The Vow instead of seeing my parents this weekend? 
3. Pull the holiday card. But it's my birthday! Won't you please take me?

For all of the above, make sure YOU offer to pay for such movie and related expenses. 

Good luck!

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